Rosenberg Jewellers offer stunning jewellery from the very best in-house designers at Ian Rosenberg Jeweller. A long-established jewellery business, Rosenberg Jewellers creates bespoke luxury jewellery with a focus on high-end pieces for evening wear, taking inspiration from historical and retro jewellery.

Providing adornments for both men and women, Rosenberg Jewellers have followed traditional jewellery making techniques, and can count royalty and A-list celebrities in their array of clients. The collections have also been awarded numerous accolades in recognition of Ian Rosenberg’s jewellery quality.

Rosenberg Jewellers’ skilled jewellers are the world’s finest. They work with some of the most advanced and sophisticated tools for refining precious stones and metals. The brand has ensured the process is second to none to guarantee customer satisfaction and to hand-craft sterling pieces that will endure throughout time.

Rosenberg Jewellers create innovative designs for clients from all over the globe, and as a consequence strive to provide a world-class service. The jewellery pieces are conceived in Rosenberg Jewellers’ headquarters, but bespoke designs can be constructed through a variety of means to ensure that wherever clients are, they receive the best service.

Rosenberg Jewellers dedicate time to ensuring their operations are carried out in an ethical fashion when creating our timeless pieces. The suppliers utilised meet nothing but the highest of standards. Rosenberg Jewellers takes pride in having a responsible attitude towards jewellery creation, and purchasers of Rosenberg jewellery are considered to be ambassadors for responsible jewellery craftsmanship.

This website is a showcase of the beautiful jewellery offered by Ian Rosenberg Jeweller.

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  • Craftsmanship

    Our skilled jewelers are the worlds finest working with some of the most advanced and sophisticated material refining tools. Our processes is second to none and we spend scrupulous man hours in order to give our discerning customers the pieces they adore us for.
  • International

    We venture through the seven seas and we pride ourselves on our client base which spans to all corners of the Earth. We meet and greet and we also have consultation meetings at any prestigious hotel around the world.
  • Responsibility

    We ensure that all our materials are sourced from responsible parties and we pride ourselves in "our giving back" incentives that helps villages that help us find materials to develop in education and health.